Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mr. Don Will Get the Shot

As I was photographing guests in the lobby, I heard a shutter snapping away in my direction. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Don, a published fashion industry and hair photographer based in New York City. Mr. Don Photos so eloquently creates a niche around beauty, hair, and gorgeous models.

After finding out that I was going to have the opportunity to photograph a published NYC photographer, I have to admit my adrenaline rushed a bit. Upon hanging out and talking to Mr. Don, I came to know and respect his business at a higher level. His confidence inspires me to this day. I will never forget his attitude that he will always get the shot. 

When I photograph on a daily basis, every so often his confidence will remind me to forget everything in the world except the subject at hand. Nothing else matters, just the situation under my jurisdiction. It is my job as a photographer to thread a needle and find the best shot. Every situation is different, which means every subject should be treated with a fresh mind. 

Mr. Don's portfolio displays a versatility and diverse work. He creates dynamic lighting with an elegance that deserves attention. Not only that, but Mr Don expresses creativity with composition. I will never forget taking notice of that after meeting Mr. Don the first time.

We were creating a quick shot on the middle landing of a staircase. I boomed out the main light and watched as he went to work. I will never forget, all he did was tilt the camera a few degrees to the right, causing all the lines to a rising slant. Since there were so many stairs in and throughout the photo, the rising tilt created a sense of lift, a positive vibe. In a matter of seconds, I knew that Mr. Don had a talent and creativity for photography. His portfolio reminds me of that every visit to his website.

You can see Mr. Don's work at Mr Don Photos nicely crafted website.